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    2018 - 2019 Academic Year 

    Details about the next school year will be published in August. We will welcome Grade 1 and Grade 5 as well as Grades 9 - 12...

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    Mathematics Teachers for Middle School and High School
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  • The Ministry of Education has issued new regulations related to vehicles on school property and its vicinity. 

    For this reason we will be introducing controlled access to the school to allow us to follow the regulations and ensure a secure environment for our children....

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    Following the attempted coup, we as a school are naturally following developments closely. We anticipate no negative influence on our work and continue our planning and preparations for next school year, which is planned to begin on September 19, 2016.
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  • Have you ever wondered how our current notions about education have been shaped by history? Tune into Sir Ken Robinson's RSA lecture as an rsa-animate.
  • The recent events that have taken place in different parts of Turkey have not only affected us as adults, but also affect our children. Especially, when children see such events on television or social media, its impact on them can be quite negative. According to research, the exposure to...
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    CLASS TIMETABLES: Temporary class timetables are now in use but may be subject to change. Confirmation will be given at the Class Orientation Programme for Parents September 28-30 when practical details will be discussed.
  • Dear Parents,
    Greetings from Çamlıca wherever this finds you! We are now in the month of August and so the countdown for the new school year has now started.
  • Dear Parents,
    We look forward to welcoming your child to his/her first experience of Primary School. To give them a good start we have devoted a few days of orientation before the main school begins.
  • Dear Parents,
    We look forward to welcoming your child to the new campus, which will house our Middle-High School students. The buildings are located a short distance from our Preschool and Primary School. Please consult the following map to help you find us.

    Managing upsetting news in the media for children

    The recent events that have taken place in different parts of Turkey have not only affected us as adults, but also affect our children. Especially, when children see such events on television or social media, its impact on them can be quite negative. According to research, the exposure to disturbing and violent images can have long-lasting impacts on children. Therefore, this brief article is prepared in order to explain what you can do as parents.

    • First of all, children who watch TV, read journals and have social media accounts should be monitored regularly because it is particularly essential for parents to learn what kind of information that their child can reach. Also, if necessary, the security settings can be activated.
    • Parents should avoid talking about these events among themselves when their kids are in earshot. Even though children do not seem to be listening to the adults, they do listen and try to interpret what they have heard by themselves, often resulting in an overwhelming emotional experience.
    • If the children witness these kind of conversations or the disturbing images, it is really important for the parents to encourage their children to talk about this issue and ask their opinions and feelings.
    • Moreover, it is also recommended that parents should listen to their children’s concerns, fears without being judgmental and then, give the necessary explanations. These explanations should be simple, reassuring and concrete.
    • In addition, it is really important for children to know the fact that they can talk about their concerns and questions with parents, teachers and school counsellors at any time.
    • Young children communicate their concerns through their drawings and play activities. For this reason, the parents can monitor and ask them to explain if they observe something unusual.
    • Also, parents are key assessors of warning signs, such as regressive reactions like thumb sucking, bedwetting, excessive clinging; physiological problems like loss of appetite, vomiting, sleep disturbances, headaches; social and emotional problems like withdrawal from friends, school refusal, irritability etc. If parents observe these signs, they should contact teachers and school counsellors.

    Counselling Service


    Researchers who examine age-related changes usually use three categories which are called domains of development to organize discussions of human development. These three changes include physical domain, cognitive domain and social domain. In this article, the physical domain will be discussed, particularly fine motor development.

    Motor Development Defined

    The physical domain includes changes in the size, shape and the characteristics of the body. A motor skill is a function which involves precise movement of muscles with the intent to perform specific act. The intent to do a specific movement also shows the development in cognitive domain. Therefore, it is important to understand that cognitive development and motor development go hand-in-hand. Motor development reflects a child's ability to control and direct voluntary muscle development. During the infancy and early childhood, rapid changes in motor development occur. Each year, as parents you can observe tremendous changes in motor abilities of your child. Scientists use two categories to explain motor skills, namely gross motor skills or locomotor skills, and fine motor skills or manipulative skills.

    Gross motor skills include performing whole body movement which require to use the large muscles of the body. For instance, gross motor skills enable functions like crawling, walking, sitting, kicking, lifting, throwing a ball, and also coordination and balance. Therefore, it can be understood that gross motor skills are crucial to perform every day actions as well as sporting and playground skills. Any difficulty or delay in child's gross motor skills can result in the major impact on the whole aspects of the child's life including school life. For this reason, it is important for the child to perform age-related tasks. You may tell that there are problems in gross motor development of the child if he/she lacks fluid motor actions, avoids participating in physical activities, has difficulty in classroom (e.g. upright posture while sitting, coordination) and cannot perform the same skills as their peers. If you suspect that your child is having difficulty in gross motor development, evaluation by a physical or occupational therapists can determine the nature of the problem and provide support.

    Fine motor skills require the use of small muscles of the body like using the fingers. The examples can be holding objects, showing the signs of hand preference, using fork or spoon, drawing, clothing, zipping, and stacking small objects. Since the self-care skills and most of the schooling skills heavily depend on fine motor development, it is important for the children to acquire. For this reason, in preschool there are a lot activities with the purpose of improving the fine motor development of children. If the child lacks these basic abilities, it might result in not being able to complete everyday tasks, developing sense of dependency on others and having low self-esteem.

    Gross motor skills are fundamental for a child to explore the world around him/her. Also gross motor skills develop before fine motor skills and it leads to the fact that fine motor skills are built on and developed through gross motor skills. It is an important fact to remember that most of the everyday tasks are depended on the combination of those skills. For example, the child should be able to sit upright in order to draw something in the class.

    The sequence of motor skill development is the same for all children. However, it should be understand that motor development is controlled by an inborn biological timetable. Motor development improves as neurobiological system matures. Therefore, it should be always remembered that each child is unique and when the right time comes, they will start doing certain tasks. It is good to challenge the kids to improve their skills but those challenges should include the age-appropriate tasks. If the children who have not completed their development yet, are pushed to do certain tasks, they would both get tired and also show avoidance and unwillingness in participating. It is a well-known fact that the children who struggle with these tasks in early years can develop negative attitudes towards school and learning. It is important to create an environment that facilitates their development by giving them age-specific tasks.

    What Can You Do as Parents To Improve Your Child's Fine Motor Skills?

    It is crucial to use games and fun activities in order to improve fine motor skills of the children. Giving age related tasks to children is a great opportunity to both improve fine motor skills and also to develop sense of responsibility and self-confidence. Here some ideas to help them build the necessary muscles for fine motor skills:

    • Stock up on play-dough without tools; squeeze, squash, roll, pound and mould
    • Finger painting
    • Squeeze out a wet sponge
    • Clap hands with a rhythm
    • Building a tower with legos, blocks
    • Cut out simple shapes
    • Make paper dolls
    • Complete puzzles
    • Colouring with broken crayons
    • Play string games
    • Make macaroni necklace
    • Tying shoes
    • Zip & unzip
    • Button & unbutton
    • Manipulate small objects like coins
    • Grip and manipulate the pins
    • Use locks and keys
    • Poking straws into holes
    • Sorting and pattern making with shells
    • Ripping up newspapers
    • Origami


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