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    Please see School Fees for the year 2019 - 2020 in the link below.

    Teaching Staff Needs

    Istanbul International School provides education from Early Years through to High School and is looking for qualified teachers with various specilizations for its expanding programme. 

    Please send applications to


    Our new school magazine will be coming out shortly.

    Have a look at our previous issue from last summer 

  • Dear Parents,
    We hope this finds you well. We look forward to welcoming you to school and would like to mention a few practical details as you prepare your family for the next school year.
    Important Reminder:

  • We are hiring now. We need teammates in our Primary School and as a Home Room teacher and a High School English Language teacher with experience in international exams.

    Please send your CV to (Please email this address if you require any further...

  • We wish our School Community a very pleasant summer holiday!

    2018 - 2019 Academic Year 

    Details about the next school year will be published in August. We will welcome Grade 1 and Grade 5 as well as Grades 9 - 12...

  • Job Openings for School Year 2018 - 2019:
    Mathematics Teachers for Middle School and High School
    Requirement: Fluent in English

    ICT Teacher for Middle School
    Requirement: Fluent in...

  • Early registration period for the school year 2018 - 2019 has started. To take advantage of early registration tuition and...

  • Apply for Cambridge Checkpoint / IGCSE / AS / A Level Exams:

    Click here for more details...

  • We look forward to welcoming you to school on September 11.

    Please note the following general information.

  • Welcome to a new school year – Now celebrating 15 years!

    We are now happy to confirm our
    Dear Parents,
    At school we are making our final preparations for the new school year.
    Start Date:
    We are still waiting for approval from the Ministry of Education, as we work differently from the normal Turkish school...
  • PLEASE NOTE: Istanbul International School has NO association with Beykoz National Academy, which is not a legal entity.
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  • Early registration period for the school year 2017 - 2018 has started. To take advantage of early registration tuition and secure...
    Welcome back to school for the second semester, especially for newcomers!
    To follow school events, we recommend you visit our

  • We have had a number of exciting events at school over the past couple of weeks! Have a look on our
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  • Congratulations İlten on being the world's No 1 in Combined Science in the Cambridge IGCSE Exam!

  • The Ministry of Education has issued new regulations related to vehicles on school property and its vicinity. 

    For this reason we will be introducing controlled access to the school to allow us to follow the regulations and ensure a secure environment for our children....

  • The countdown has begun!  We are now making our final preparations to welcome you to school on Monday September 19.

    Our first day programme is as follows...

  • The school is open for registrations on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of September.
  • Please note details of the registered school bus company we will be using for the school year of 2016-17. 

    As of August 17, 2016 the bus company will be at school to help you with the bus registration. 

  • September 19, our start day for the new school year, is fast approaching. In this connection, please take note of the following important information provided below and in the attachments. 

    A separate information letter will be sent to Pre School parents.
  • Dear Parents,

    Following the attempted coup, we as a school are naturally following developments closely. We anticipate no negative influence on our work and continue our planning and preparations for next school year, which is planned to begin on September 19, 2016.
  • We're Expanding!

    Istanbul International School is looking for talented teachers to join its diverse staff!

    The school currently has openings for the following positions...
  • End of School Year Director’s Greetings:

    We come to the end of another incredible, and incredibly busy school year here at Istanbul International School...
  • We congratulate our School website designers on being listed as a finalist in the national website competition in the School website category.
  • Early registration period for the school year of 2016-2017 has started. To take advantage of early registration tuition and secure your place, please contact the school before 15 March 2016, the deadline for early registration.
  • Have you ever wondered how our current notions about education have been shaped by history? Tune into Sir Ken Robinson's RSA lecture as an rsa-animate.
  • The recent events that have taken place in different parts of Turkey have not only affected us as adults, but also affect our children. Especially, when children see such events on television or social media, its impact on them can be quite negative. According to research, the exposure to...
  • Dear Parents,
    CLASS TIMETABLES: Temporary class timetables are now in use but may be subject to change. Confirmation will be given at the Class Orientation Programme for Parents September 28-30 when practical details will be discussed.
  • Dear Parents,
    Greetings from Çamlıca wherever this finds you! We are now in the month of August and so the countdown for the new school year has now started.
  • Dear Parents,
    We look forward to welcoming your child to his/her first experience of Primary School. To give them a good start we have devoted a few days of orientation before the main school begins.
  • Dear Parents,
    We look forward to welcoming your child to the new campus, which will house our Middle-High School students. The buildings are located a short distance from our Preschool and Primary School. Please consult the following map to help you find us.

    We commit ourselves to an active teaching-learning model of education

    • We believe that all students can learn and that learning makes a difference.
    • We teach in a way that makes learning relevant.
    • We believe in teaching responsible citizenship and life skills We believe in treating all students fairly.
    • We believe in providing a safe and positive learning environment.

    We expect good teaching practice to be expressed as...

    The following set of principles provides a framework for practice that guides our teachers as they make curriculum decisions and scaffold students’ learning. it is expected that in our teaching practice we will exhibit these and by these we will be assessed.

    • Children are capable and competent and have been learning since birth. Recognising children as competent learners means recognising what they know and can do, and using that as a starting point for new learning. As teachers we will support and encourage children as they learn by building on their prior knowledge, making links to new learning and making implicit knowledge explicit.
    • Children build deep understandings when they learn through all senses and are offered choice in their learning experiences. Children develop complex cognitive structures when they take in information through all senses including touch, kinaesthetic (body movement) and smell.
    • Children engage more enthusiastically in learning when they are able to participate in decision making about learning experiences.
    • Children learn best through interactions, active exploration, experimentation and by representing their learning through a variety of modes. Children actively construct knowledge of their world by investigating new materials, ideas and events. Therefore they learn most effectively through interactions with people, concrete objects, ideas and representations, which invite attention, exploration, manipulation, elaboration, experimentation and imagination. As teachers we will support children by encouraging them to represent their learning in a range of modes such as movement, painting, drawing, speaking, writing, construction and socio-dramatic play.
    • Children’s positive dispositions to learning, and to themselves as learners, are essential for success in school and beyond. As teachers we have an important role in encouraging children to develop dispositions such as perseverance and a willingness to engage in new learning. Children develop dispositions such as these when they receive constructive feedback as they question, investigate, analyse, innovate and interact with others. Positive dispositions towards learning are also fostered by providing learning experiences that are relevant to children’s lives and interests.
    • Children learn best in environments where there are supportive relationships among all partners in the learning community. As teachers we will develop supportive partnerships with children, families and carers, communities and professional colleagues by:
      • a. building a sense of child involvement by collaboratively planning with them
      • b. involving families in supporting children’s learning through sharing information and allowing families to contribute their own knowledge and perspectives
      • c. working with our colleagues - specialist personnel, teachers, teacher aides, administrators and support staff - to provide quality learning programs.
      • Educational programmes are most effective when they recognise, value and build upon the cultural and social experiences of children. Children have diverse experiences in homes, communities, early care and educational settings. As teachers we will collaborate with partners to ensure that learning environments reflect this diversity of cultural and social experiences as well as shared ideas, values, beliefs, and identities. Learning programmes therefore acknowledge or build on children’s diverse ways of thinking, knowing and behaving.
      • Building continuity of learning as children move to and through school provides foundations for their future success. Children successfully manage transitions into school and through school when we teachers establish continuities between children’s prior, current and future learning.
      • Assessment of children is an integral part of the learning–teaching process and is not a separate activity. Assessment involves the purposeful, systematic and on-going monitoring of children’s learning. The information gathered is used for future planning and to make judgments about a child’s learning and development. Children’s everyday learning experiences offer rich opportunities for gathering evidence of learning. It is important that children have opportunities to participate in their assessment and to demonstrate understandings, capabilities and dispositions towards learning in a full range of learning contexts.

    Campus A - Pre-School:
    Turistik Çamlıca Cad. No 29 / Üsküdar- İstanbul-TURKEY 34692

    Campus B - Primary School:
    Turistik Çamlıca Cad. No 12 / Üsküdar- İstanbul-TURKEY 34692

    Campus C - Middle - High School:
    Harman Sok. No 1 / Üsküdar- İstanbul-TURKEY 34398

    P: +90(216 335 0055) M: